#52 "Disco Shad" Bladed Jig

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Looking for a Bladed Jig / Vibrating Jig that is easy to use and sure to catch big bass? The WOBD Bladed Jig is perfect for you! WOBD Bladed Jigs create the flash of a spinner bait and the vibration of a crank bait.  Featuring the head of an arky jig, a coffin style blade and a heavy wire Mustad Ultra point hook, the WOBD Bladed Jig starts vibrating quickly once it hits the water. To add to the flash and the vibration, the positioning of the blade is low enough to strike the head and produce a knocking sound that is sure to entice fish to bite. The WOBD Vibrating Jigs also features a high-quality oven cured powder coat paint and is available in a wide variety of silicone skirt colours. The WOBD Bladed Jig / Vibrating Jig is a must-have for any serious angler.

Hook Size: 1/2 Oz - 5/0