#38 "Goby" Football Jig

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Looking for a Football Jig that will give you an edge on the competition? Look no further! WOBD is dedicated to creating products that are sure to catch bass. WOBD Football Jigs are made with great detail and precision at every step of its construction. Molded with a football shaped head and horizontal line tie, the WOBD Football Jig greatly reduces the chances of getting stuck when dragging across rocks, ledges, and other offshore structure while also causing your trailer to produce a lively crawfish-like action that will have bass drooling. The WOBD Football Jig also features an oven cured powder paint coating which can withstand constant contact with rocks, sand, or gravel flats. Available in a wide variety of silicone skirts colours  held in place with a rubber skirt keeper and equipped with a razor-sharp Mustad Ultra point hook, the WOBD Football Jig is the ideal Jig for you. 

Hook Size:
1/4 Oz - 4/0    3/8 Oz - 4/0    1/2 Oz - 5/0    3/4 Oz - 5/0    1 Oz  - 5/0