#40 "Black & Blue" Mini Flipping Jig

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Is the Flipping bite getting a bit tough? The WOBD Mini Flipping Jig is just what you need! Whether you're flipping bushes, trees, weeds, docks or rocks, the WOBD Mini Flipping Jig is the one for you! The WOBD Mini Flipping Jig is built around a heavy wire Mustad Ultra Point hook; featuring a recessed hook eye, a smaller hook size compared to our regular Flipping Jigs and a smaller compact head with a flat bottom which gives the Jig a standup attitude. The WOBD Mini Flipping Jig also features an oven-cured powder coat paint job and a premium fiber weed guard. Available in a select variety of silicone skirt colours to best suit the fishing conditions, the WOBD Flipping Jig is a must have for getting the big bass out of heavy cover.

Hook Size:          3/16 Oz, 1/4 Oz, 3/8 Oz  - 3/0
                       1/2 Oz , 3/4 Oz - 4/0