#43 - Green Pumpkin Brown - Tungsten Scrounger Jig

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Designed to give an irresistible bait fish action, the WOBD Tungsten Scrounger Jig features a 97% tungsten head, which is much denser than a standard lead head to provide a more compact profile. The harder tungsten material also allows for increased sensitivity as well. The Scrounger Jig’s bill is made from a fluorocarbon urethane material, which reflects less light than traditional scroungers with plastic bills, allowing it to excel in ultra clear water conditions and provide a more natural presentation.

Equipped with a silicone skirt that provides a lifelike flowing action and a Mustad Ultra Point Hook, the WOBD Tungsten Scrounger Jig is a must have in your tackle box. 

Hook Size:     3/8 Oz - 3/0;     1/2 Oz - 4/0;     3/4 Oz - 4/0