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Are you new to fishing with jigs? Or are you looking for a little variety in your tackle box?

If so, this Weapons of Bass Destruction ASSORTED JIGS VALUE PACK is just what you need! It is comprised of 12 Jigs in assorted colours, styles and weights, providing you the most cost effective way to discover new jigs and fill up your tackle box. OVER $67 VALUE FOR ONLY $49.99!

The value pack contains all 12 jigs displayed in the picture and are as follows:

-Swim Jigs (1 x 5/16oz, 1 x 1/2oz)

-Football Jigs  (1 x 1/4oz,  1 x 3/8oz, 1 x 1/2oz)

-Bladed Jigs (2 x 1/2oz)

-Flipping Jigs (1 x 1/4oz, 1 x 3/4oz)

-Arky Jigs (1 x 1/4oz, 1 x 1/2oz)

-Ned Head Black ( 1 x pk 1/16oz)